Yet another blog post about Twitch stream settings

If you’ve been following my blog in recent weeks, you will have seen my posts talking about my return to streaming on Twitch and so on. I’ve been easing back into streaming regularly, fussing less about overlays etc and just streaming. It’s a nice change.

Once again I’ve come to terms with my ADSL2+ connection after my Twitter conversation with Blunty, Wyld, and DYoshii a few weeks ago. I accept that my stream isn’t going to look the greatest with the limited upstream bandwidth that I have, and that’s fine. NBN isn’t that far off, with it expected to be available for me around April to June this year. But I’m not waiting for that to get back to having fun with streaming and my stream fam.

What I wanted to write about today though, is my recent success with some “outside the box” stream settings that have dramatically increased the visual quality of my stream. I reserve that it’s still not great, but it almost looks like I’ve got an awesome internet connection.

I take great satisfaction in helping other people achieve success. My face lights up with glee when I see that my advice has helped them, even in the smallest capacity. So with that in mind, I’m passing on the settings I have for my OBS setup.

Disclaimer: While these have worked for those with shitter connections that my own, it should go without saying that these settings will need adjustment for your own connection. These aren’t a blanket, one-size-fits-all settings but they do the trick nicely.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me show you what the stream will potentially look like with the settings I’m using in this guide.

These are my settings for Open Broadbcaster Software Studio (Latest):

Output (Advanced Mode)
  • Encoder – x264 (“Enforce streaming service encoder settings” enabled)
  • Rescale Output – 852×480
  • Rate Control: VBR
  • Bitrate: <Set this based on your upload throughput from a speedtest result, but aim lower to accommodate for multiplayer bandwidth requirements and microphone bitrate>
  • Use Custom Buffer Size – Enabled
  • Buffer Size: <Ideally, 25% lower than your bitrate>
  • CRF – 23
  • Keyframe Interval – 0
  • CPU Usage Preset – Very Fast
  • Profile – None
  • Tuner – None
  • Variable Framerate (VFR) – Enabled
  • x264 Options – None
  • Downscale Filter – Bicubic
  • Common FPS Values – 60
  • Service –*
  • Server – <Set to local ingest server, for me it’s Sydney)
  • I use simply because I’m streaming on both Twitch and Beam. But also, I’ve found that the ingest server for Restream in Sydney is slightly better performance wise, which is probably due to some form of shaping my ISP.

There you have it. My settings for Twitch. Leave me a comment if they help you!

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