Here’s the plan for my Twitch return

I’m usually the type of guy to have a plan. Sometimes I plan things too meticulously, and get absolutely pissed off when things don’t go according to that plan, while other times I don’t plan enough and wonder what I could have done better. Such is life, I guess.

With my return to Twitch streaming being a thing, I’ve decided I need a plan to make this work. It isn’t anywhere near as complex as it could be, almost to the point where it doesn’t warrant a blog post about it – but remember when I keep saying I’m going to blog regularly, and don’t? Yeah, that.

Anyway, my plan for streaming going forward is to do it for two hours at a minimum, more times per week. Shorter stream sessions, more frequently. This means I’ll still be able to hit my stream time target per week, whilst not kicking the shit out of my body for sitting to long with my fractured coccyx bone.

The other thing is that I’m doing away with all the fancy shit I had on my stream, and keeping it simple. Just a small overlay with my socials, webcam without the greenscreen, and a Stream Labs alert gif for when people follow me. No donation/tip alerts, no screen clutter, no overly-complex overlays.

Just stream the games, interact with and grow the audience, and just have fun.

I’m excited as fuck.

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