Welcome back, Commander.

Writing is something I’m good at. Given a topic that I’m passionate about, I’m able to write for days on end with no signs of stopping. With this in mind, the question begs to be asked: why is it that this blog empty?

Simply put, I’ve nuked it to start anew.

I’ve owned reallyrantic.com as a domain name for almost six years now, with it serving as my primary personal hub for whatever random crap I’m doing with it at the time. The majority of it has been as a blog name, but I often go through spats where I get sick of how my blog looks, and spend hours upon hours searching for a new design with the exact specific features that I want: image headers, post slider, magazine layout, colour customization– the list goes on.

If you ask my partner, I’m a very picky individual. Sometimes too picky. Everything needs to be perfect or I’ll get shitty at it, and spend hours trying to perfect it. It’s a frustrating thing.

For the last few years, this blog hasn’t had much put into it aside from my continual re-installation of WordPress, themes, and the like. I honestly question myself if I enjoy the process of setting up of a new blog site than I do actually putting content on it. I’ve even dabbled with making my own WordPress themes to include the aforementioned features, only to get partway through it to take a break, and come back it it months later frustrated with how it looks and nuking it again.

That’s why I’ve started anew.

Anyway, going forward this blog will serve as a hub for thoughts, rants, as well as updates on my online content such as Twitch and YouTube–albeit I reserve that my Twitch channel might be on a hiatus right now pending the resolution of my Internet issues, but that’s something entirely different.

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