Wrestling is cool again.

Somebody get Jim Cornette. I think he might be mad at me, for turning this entire company into a tragedy.

I’ve been a wrestling fan since my early teens, as I was leaving elementary/primary school and moving on to High School. I grew up watching guys like The Rock, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the New World Order, Booker T — you name it. Back then, my fascination with wrestling was mostly related to the ongoing battles and drama between the babyfaces (wrestling talk for good guys) and the heels (bad guys). To see these heavyweight juggernauts take each other on in epic fights, staged or not, was just something I could get excited for.

Around the same time, I was absolutely obsessed with wrestling videogames. I had a copy of WWF Smackdown! 2 for the PlayStation One, and I played that to death. Made my own custom wrestlers, my friends as wrestlers, and we’d duke it out against the bad guys. I played Season Mode on that for ages, going right through it all.

Somewhere around 2006, I stopped watching it. The landscape had become dull and boring, and the storylines were written like something made from desperation. It just wasn’t wrestling to me anymore.

Then in 2012, I started working for a company where there were a handful of guys who were into wrestling in it’s current form. Between 2006 to 2011, there was a huge drought in wrestling (or Sports Entertainment) until one bloke came along by the name of CM Punk and brought some savage realism into it with a shoot promo on the WWE and its management. He made it cool to like wrestling again.

As I started hanging out with these blokes, discussing wrestling past times and having Pay Per View parties, I was introduced to several other brands of wrestling that have sprung up since the demise of my attitude era favourites (WCW, ECW). The one that really stuck with me was Ring of Honor, an indie-sized promotion where the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and where a few of the top dogs in WWE right now came from.

Enter Kevin-fuckin’-Steen, or as he’s known now in WWE, Kevin Owens.

Long winded post, but I just wanted to share this video. It’s a remix of KO’s original ROH theme with vocals. Goes so well.

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