Twitch or YouTube: Would you follow?

As some of you know, I’ve had some pretty bad Internet issues as of late which have only recently been resolved. I’ve hosted my comeback stream, and are working toward getting back into a regular schedule to do it — because after a month and a half off, going from three days a week to nothing and back to three days a week again is a bit of a challenge.

Whilst things were up shit creek for my Internet connection, I contemplated what I would do if my connection issues couldn’t be resolved. The unfortunate thing when it comes to Internet issues in Australia is that if the service is performing above the minimum mark, it’s often that the service will be marked off as “working” regardless of how significant the decrease in performance is.

So with that in mind, I started to think about what my b-plan would be: wait until the NBN would eventually roll around to my neighborhood — which seems incredibly unlikely at this point if you’ve been following the news on NBN in relation to their HFC rollout — or start making use of YouTube channel and producing content regularly there.

Right now, my YouTube channel has been active since 2009 and since then, my account has been upgraded to partner status — you know, one of the cool kids who were allowed to have fancy graphics and shizz, whilst making money off their videos for every view received.

Aside from my Internet issues, I also contemplated a switch to YouTube for a few other reasons: I would be able to harness my skills of video editing and content production, opening up opportunities for other projects and the like whilst my connection speeds are limited. Another reason is the audience — putting on a performance live on stream for a few people, eight hours a week regularly takes its toll, not only on myself but also on the attention span of those watching.

I get it — not everyone can sit at their computer, on their phone, or whatever, watching someone play videogames at bad quality for 3 hours per sitting. I’m still amazed to this day that there are people who do it for a living. Having dived in, and given it a shot, it’s not as simple as “sit there, play games, have people watch you”. There’s so much more to it than that, and it really is quite taxing sometimes. I love it, and I love the live interaction, but at the same time I could be doing something similar on the same schedule, but in higher quality and in smaller sized bites.

That’s the raw thought process behind it. Even though my Internet issues have since been fixed, and I’m able to stream to the same capacity as I was before, it’s still something on my mind. I haven’t decided yet.

So the question that I ask is: if I were to switch to YouTube, would you subscribe and watch the content I put up?

You can subscribe here at

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