Guild Wars 2, GTX1070, and 144Hz monitor is GLORIOUS

It’s been a long time since I delved into the world of Tyria. My Fiancée frequently reminds me of it, whenever I attempt to include her in our guild activities on World of Warcraft.

She did this evening, as our guild we’re gearing up to go and smash the bosses of Karazhan, before we realised that two of our members in the group hadn’t completed their attunement yet.

So whilst we prepared ourselves to run Mythic dungeons for the evening, I opened the Guild Wars 2 client to begin the updates that are now synonymous with games I’ve not played information an extended time. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long to update.

It was dawning on midnight, and my Fiancée had already left for bed, to which I would follow. But before shutting down my PC, I launched Guild Wars 2 and jumped on to my Warrior. As you can expect, the notifications in my absence had built up, so the moment I was game ready, I had a million (exaggerated) things to dismiss.

I realised that this was the first time I had played the game since before getting my GTX1070. I remember vaguely playing when I bought my 144Hz monitor, but I hadn’t played the game since having both.

So, I opened my options, set everything in the graphics options to maximum, and set my refresh rate to 144Hz.

It is glorious. Smooth gameplay, glorious shader effects… fuck, even the goddamn supersampling doesn’t hamper the frame rate.

I may have to make some time in my weekly schedule to play this.

Oh, and the video below is the music I thought of when I was going all PC MASTER RACE on Guild Wars 2’s ass.

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