Join the HYP3RX Sweepstakes for LoL Worlds 2016!

I’m highly interested in eSports, and I enjoy watching eSports contests. But I’ll admit, I’ve no fucking clue when it comes to the teams who compete. I just enjoy the thrill and excitement of what takes place, because it fills a certain competitive gap where normal people would watch football or rugby — things I simply can’t get myself into.

Ramble over.

I’ve created a leaderboard for the upcoming League of Legends Worlds 2016 contest that’s just around the corner as part of the “Worlds Pick ‘Em” thing that Riot Games are hosting to coincide with it.

Essentially, it’s a system that allows you to join and rank which teams you think are going to win in each group of contests. Winners get some exclusive skins, icons, and other cool stuff for their League of Legends accounts. So it’s a thing where you “bet” without actually betting, but you still get cool stuff as prizes if you win.

To take part, you simply need to click the link below and sign in with your LoL account, select the eSports teams you want think will win, and boom — that’s your bit done.

Update: Added the correct link!

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