Check yourself before you rek yourself…

… Because Mythic dungeon bosses are bad for your health.

Over this past weekend, I managed to get a significant amount of playtime in with World of Warcraft: Legion. I spent my time doing a mix of running heroic and mythic dungeons for gear, running around the Broken Isles trying to raise my herbalism skill, to be able to farm the materials needed to make potions and raise my alchemy skill… it was a real timesink — all while tethered to my mobile data, because my god-damn-Internet was still being a shitcunt.

Anyway, through my adventures in Azeroth I had quite a bit of fun, but there was a particular event that I participated in that just had me kek’ing for quite a bit afterward.

I was running in a random group for Maw of Souls on Heroic difficulty. We had fought all the way to Helya, the final boss and master of the Kvaldir afterlife, where the whole group had died except for the tank. The group consisted of three DPS, a druid healer, and a Paladin tank.

After the group had died, healer included, the tank kept going on strong, bring the boss health down little by little before it started to hover around the 73% mark. One of the DPS insisted that the tank simply “wipe up” or “kill yourself” because he didn’t believe the tank could finish it.

This DPS continually said statements of frustration and pestering the tank to kill himself, so the group could respawn and try again as a group — making the encounter easier. The tank ignored all of his “kill yourself ffs” comments, right up until the DPS said “You’re not going to kill her dammit, you can’t do it. Just fkn die…” — where immediately after, the tank had reached the health-trigger that finishes the dungeon.

In short, he survived on his own and carried the group to victory and proved the snarky DPS fucker wrong. Many keks and lels were had.

I’ve seen some pretty bullshit tanks in my time of playing, most notably one of the Death Knights from my guild named Punchbowl, but this guy was an absolute gun. Much fun.


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