Crisis Averted: Tale of the Sandstone Drake

I’ll make this post quick, because I’m keen to actually play some World of Warcraft tonight after a day at work that has dragged on so long.

Last night I asked one of my guildies to make me a [Vial of the Sands] which is an item that allows you to become a rock-dragon, and fly your mates around in ever so glorious fashion. This item has existed since the Cataclysm expansion, and is really, really, painful to get. You’re forced to either grind for ages to get the necessary materials required, or cough up (at the time of writing) 60,000 gold as a minimum to get it. My guild mate offered to make me it so as long as I paid for the materials, but the thing was it had to be on another server – and on Alliance.

I figured “hey, I’ll make the character and I’ll buy a WoW token to fund it.” Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Dead wrong.

Upon receiving the item itself that I would use to add the Sandstone Drake to my mounts list, I noticed that it said “Must be level 90 to use”. I immediately shit my pants (figuratively) because I’d dropped $25.00 AUD on a WoW token to not be able to use the thing I’ve bought. Fuck.

In a breath of desperation, I sent a ticket to Blizzard to which I’ve had no response. So I created a “Class Trial” character and get to a point where I could get to a mailbox and send it to myself to use it.

So I did that. Played through the Broken Shore scenario event, get to Stormwind and find the nearest mailbox I know of. No player characters. No mailbox. Stormwind was dead empty.

Thinking to myself that I’d just wasted my money, I try going to Goldshire. MAILBOX! Open the mailbox, grab the item… and boom. Item redeemed.

Crisis. Fucking. Averted.

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